WB Construction LTD are CHAS and Construction Line Accredited

WB Construction is CHAS Accredited WB Construction is Construction Line Accredited
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Health and Safety - Statement

This policy recognises and interprets our responsibility for the health, safety and well-being of our employees, visitors and contractors. It is the policy of WB Construction Ltd to:

  1. Maintain a health and safety framework that guides and supports everyone in fulfilling their responsibilities for fire and health and safety;
  2. Outline the responsibilities and arrangements we have for complying with our health and safety obligations;
  3. Endeavour to comply with all our relevant health and safety legal duties;
  4. Identify and prioritise areas of risk and plan for their effective management;
  5. Seek competent professional advice, guidance and support;
  6. Undertake regular reviews of health and safety performance of all operational areas;
  7. Learn from accidents and incidents;
  8. Consult with employees on matters affecting their health and safety;
  9. Employ staff and third parties who are suitable and competent;
  10. Provide information, instruction and training which enable employees, visitors and contractors to undertake their tasks safely;
  11. Provide adequate levels of supervision determined by risk assessment that allow for the effective management of health and safety;
  12. Provide sufficient resources to enable the standards outlined in this policy to be met;
  13. Review and if necessary amend this policy annually or when significant changes occur.

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